When Ilias (22) joins the Dutch military air force, he struggles to get his father Haffid’s  approval. During the harsh final tests of his military training, Ilias anxiously contemplates whether he’s traded his old family for a new one.

SHORT DRAMA 'in vain' 15 MIN


To keep the hope of reuniting with her son alive,Nadia needs to forget she is a mother every day And sell her body to whoever is willing to pay.A life that eats away at the very core of her existence.




SHORT DRAMA 'Breath' 15 min

Reza, an 28 years old Iranian refugee, is fleeing from Iran to Germany. During an uninterrupted period of five days and nights,he is alone in the back of a truck. Reza realises that he has severed all ties with his native country and that he doesn’t know his future.