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Interactive Graphic Novel 


Sam Yazdanpanna


Like Dust is an interactive Graphic novel that tells my story and also symbolizes a much more universal story. Every day thousands of young people flee from one country and travel to another country full of hope and expectations.

This journey is always accompanied by uncertainty and danger. You never know who you can trust and where you might end up. With the Graphic novel 'like dust' I want to show that there is a whole story behind every refugee. It's always easy to dismiss people as fortune seekers, or just numbers, but every individual who leaves their home goes through some kind of identity transformation. With this project I went back in time to finally thank's my mother Sahin and Yilmaz the human trafficker who saved my life.

My big question is still with whom does the morality of the refugee crisis lie? With the people themselves who are fleeing, governments or the people smugglers?

With the autobiographical digital Graphic Novel 'like dust' I went back to the origin of this important moment in my life. As an artist, I have always used and explored the 'forced' identity transformation. I call this Liquid identity. I developed the term “Liquid Identity” for this process to tell my story. This graphic novel is an ode to my mother Sahin Wakili and Yilmaz the human trafficker who gave me the future.

To my daughters Farah and Aylin Yazdanpanah for the future


Sam Yazdanpanna


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